Coyote (coyotegoth) wrote in baldfaced,

Five facts about Bob Dylan

1) The "Hibbing, Minnesota" backstory is an urban legend; the man who would become known as Bob Dylan was born on Mulberry Street in New York City's Little Italy, and used to be known as "Little Bobby Mulesandjewels."

2) Much like Adam Warlock, Bob Dylan periodically spins a cocoon around himself, and emerges in a more highly evolved form.

3) Bob Dylan is using his cosmic powers to watch me type this.

3a) Cut it out, Bob!

4) When the interviewer in Don't Look Back asks him, "Are you a singer, or a poet? How do you identify yourself?" I was hoping Dylan would say, "I'm a mocker, so MOCK OFF."

5) If you sing "Losing My Religion" to my apartment mate in Bob Dylan's voice, she starts laughing- all part of the Dylan magic.
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