Soren deSelby Bowen a/k/a Scraps (baldanders) wrote in baldfaced,
Soren deSelby Bowen a/k/a Scraps


I am sick of the ongoing, artificial controversy that opportunists are inciting over the great Tasmanian tradition of stoat-tossing. This is such an indictment of our ridiculously oversensitive pc society. The stoats are well-compensated, and most of them enjoy being tossed. Most of them would be living lives of hopelessness and squalor if they weren't being hurled. If these do-gooders were really serious about improving the lives of stoats, they would be bringing poor stoat families hot meals in the wild. It's obvious that none of them have actually asked a stoat how it feels about being tossed, or they would have a lot more experience in being looked at warily and possibly nibbled.

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